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What is licensing

License is a temporary transfer of rights on to the licensee to use the name, image, brand or logo that have been officially registered and that are protected by law. Licensing takes place when an image, logo or reserved characters  have been used directly or when they have served as inspiration.

Why licensing?

  • Licenses help to differentiate from the competition in the market
  • Licenses evoke positive emotions and transfer positive attitude towards the brand onto the licensed product or a service. They increase interest and establish a unique bond with the consumer
  • Licenses allow to reach new consumers – most frequently families with kids
  • Licenses  can be a useful medium for the positive image of the brand, and a very effective marketing tool
  • Adults as well as children have their favorite characters and are encouraged to purchase products promoted by these characters
  • Unlike celebrities,  licensed characters do not change their behavior and guarantee stable and consistent image
  • Every character has its own story and is strongly personalized. This is well received by the consumers as they can easily identify with their favorite character
  • Licensed characters deliver a solid portion of sense of humor on a very good level J